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Black Dog Combat

Historic Combat Classes

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For those ready to gird their loins

COVID-19: Obviously things are changing daily with the global pandemic, but get in contact and see what can be done. Many of our classes and events can be outdoor or involve social distancing.

Gladiator menace
pugilis vulgaris

Gladiator Demonstration

ERFA Edinburgh Renaissance Fencing

Check out our colleagues at ERFA for more fantastic historic combat fencing.


- Linda Grayson

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with a sword.” 

The Spear

a bronze age pointy stick with purpose

Our weapons of choice at Black Dog Combat are the spear, an ancient weapon - perhaps the first -  and the sword. The spear is a dynamic and energetic weapon to use. It allows for great versatility in range and engagement as well as being accessible and cheap. The sword, - especially the bronze age variety, and the medieval arming sword, two-handed and long sword are our favourites for training with. We base our combat systems on bio-dynamics, medieval treatise and experience. We start with introductions to the movement and weapons and then progress through beginner techniques to more advanced classes. All our classes aim to be accessible, friendly and energetic.


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