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The sword, Spear & Me

Black Dog: Fighting Against Depression
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A personal story

Cameron Hall - Instructor

The Black Dog sitting on your chest: feeling down, dark and bleak thoughts overwhelming you. Depression. It took me many years to realise that the way I felt, sometimes daily, was depression, an illness, something that had been profoundly affecting my life and limiting me, sitting on my chest and fogging my mind. It took me many more years to act and seek help. Not just because I am a man - men are culturally conditioned  not to seek help for their minds or hearts. But also because our society has only just started to grapple with the widespread stigma, effects and impacts of depression as an illness, which can be treated.


That is where Black Dog Combat comes in - as part of a regime of positive steps to deal with and mitigate the darkness and bring us back to more positive, healthy mind sets. Physical activity, friendly, understanding peers and a routine are all keys to helping limit depression and affect positive change. For that reason I advocate for historic combat in the fight against, and with, the Black Dog.

Come and join us on the field and take a positive step to fight against depression.

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